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Seriously Remote Work

Seriously Remote Work

The Covid-19 pandemic has impacted every aspect of the American economy and workforce. Out of nowhere, we're all suddenly dealing with titanic changes in how we go about our workday - perhaps none bigger than the new realities of remote work. For many of us, this reality isn't going away any time soon and is here to stay.

According to a River Mountain survey of 400 employees in the DC area, pre-Covid 48% of workers had never worked from home, while 52% of employees worked from home at least one day per week. Post-Covid, those numbers fell and jumped sharply to 20% and 80% respectively. Those numbers are staggering

The shift to working from home has provided a new opportunity for many workers - to work from anywhere. River Mountain was designed for individuals looking to escape the solitude of the home office and re-energize their workday routine in the great outdoors. Below are the ways River Mountain delivers for workers looking to change it up and break the monotony.

Thoughtful Architectural Design

A productive workday starts with a good night's sleep. River Mountain's circadian rhythm cabins were designed to align with the body’s natural clock -- fall asleep to the stars at night, wake to natural light in the morning, and be more productive.

A Work-Play Outpost

River Mountain has all the amenities of a traditional coworking space - modern workspaces, fresh coffee all day, inspiring communal spaces, lockable storage - you know the list. But that's not our best amenity. Our best amenity is endless access to the outdoors. Everyone feels better with their feet in the water and the sun on their face. So what if access to nature was combined with first-class work amenities? How much happier and more productive would we be? At River Mountain, we think a lot.

First Class Service

Thoughtful spaces and first-class work amenities make us a remote work destination, but our team's approach to remote work service puts us over the top. Our team understands remote work. Have a special food request? Stephanie and our kitchen have you covered. Need us to get something to FedEx quickly? Toby is jumpin in the truck. Need extra privacy for that super important call? Liz knows the perfect spot.

If you have questions about our remote work at River Mountain, don't hesitate to reach out. We're here to answer any questions or to help you book a two night stay, a weeklong trip, or an extended stay.

Forest Bathing

By Meghan | February 4, 2021

Turn off your devices to give yourself the best chance of relaxing, being mindful and enjoying a
sensory forest-based experience.

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Hike Buchanan State Forest and Pennsylvania Mid-State Trail

By Meghan | February 1, 2021

Buchanan State Forest, adjacent to River Mountain, offers miles of hiking trails, including Pennsylvania’s Mid-State Trail. Hiking here is a gorgeous slice of paradise. We’ve identified our favorite trails, based on scenic views, trail markings, navigability, and seasonality.

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“Nearby” Restaurants

By Meghan | January 28, 2021

Check out our favorite restaurants in Bedford, PA (about 22 miles away) and Cumberland, MD (about 20 miles away). Quick heads up, currently none offer delivery to River Mountain since we are a remote getaway.

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Happy New Year

By Meghan | January 4, 2021

Happy New Year, it’s January 4th! If you know me, you know that slowing down for anything is not in my DNA…

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Design and Development – A Restorative Relationship with Nature

By Meghan | August 24, 2020

From the beginning of the River Mountain land development process, we’ve had 3 goals in mind…

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Progress Update – Main Lodge, Barn, and Cabins

By Meghan | July 21, 2020

We’re all so excited as we watch the construction progress with our opening day less than 60 days away.

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Nature’s Impact on Mental Health and Work Productivity

By Meghan | July 20, 2020

In a River Mountain survey of 400 workers in the DC area, we asked participants to give their opinion of the statement “Getting out into nature makes me feel better and improves my mental health?” Not surprisingly, over 90% of participants said that statement is ‘very true of what I believe.”

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Progress Update – Guest Cabin Flyover

By Meghan | May 21, 2020

A gorgeous day for a flyover of the guest cabins. We’re all so excited as we watch the progress and imagine a day – in the not too distant future – when they’ll be open to guests.

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Becca G – Faces of River Mountain

By Meghan | April 1, 2020

Meet Becca Gurney, Founder of Design Choice, a boutique graphic design studio in Washington, DC. Becca and her team work with progressive clients to make the world a better place, by encouraging entrepreneurial endeavors, advancing social justice and women’s causes, and supporting women in leadership positions. She’s also the creative genius behind our print designs and an absolutely awesome human.

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Restorative Vision – Modern, Minimalist Luxury Cabin Pods

By Meghan | February 3, 2020

River Mountain’s cabin pods combine modern, minimalist, luxury. Near DC in the Appalachian Mountains of Pennsylvania, it’s the ideal road trip destination for a safe and scenic escape.

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