Raystown Lake

Raystown Lake

Raystown Lake is a reservoir and the largest lake entirely in Pennsylvania. Located in Huntingdon County, just north of River Mountain, the region offers hiking trails, mountain biking, fishing, boat rentals, and swim access.

Balanced Rock + Rainbow Falls

Balanced Rock and Rainbow Falls is a photo-worthy stop. It includes a short, beginner hike featuring gorgeous views, waterfalls, and a suspension bridge! It is a .5 mile hike to Balanced Rock and passes along Rainbow Falls along the way. The out and back trail starts at Trough Creek Drive. It passes over Great Trough Creek via a suspension bridge then past beautiful Rainbow Falls. The trail ascends a flight of CCC-built stone steps overlooking Abbot Run and ends at the geologic wonder, Balanced Rock.
More Info: https://www.dcnr.pa.gov/StateParks/FindAPark/TroughCreekStatePark/Pages/default.aspx

Mountain Biking the Allegrippis Trails

36 miles of single track trails - Designed by mountain bikers and built by the International Mountain Bicycling Association, the Allegrippis Trails at Raystown Lake is a premier single-track mountain biking trail system located in the Eastern United States.
More Info: https://sites.google.com/site/allegrippistrailsv2/map

Arnold’s Marine Canoe, Kayak + SUP Rentals

No experience needed! Rentals include everything you need for a safe canoe & kayaking experience. Properly fitting personal flotation devices, paddle/oars & required safety whistle. For an extra fee, they deliver to and from the Shy Beaver Boat Launch; 2 miles north.
More Info: http://www.arnoldsmarine.com/