Happy New Year

Happy New Year

Happy New Year, it’s January 4th! If you know me, you know that slowing down for anything is not in my DNA - even a New Year’s post. I’m an adrenaline mountain girl - “point it downhill and send it.”

That being said, I do love taking (some) time to glance back. And this past year certainly deserves that. With empathy for the difficult and impossible situations we’ve all experienced this past year, I have to call out our highlights of gratitude for 2020.

Mother Nature + The Land
Exciting times, stressful days, and challenging situations - I take it with me to nature. Those solo moments with Black Valley ground us and provide perspective.

Family + Friends
Parents, partners, kids, siblings, friends, and dogsitters, your endless support is our sanity.

Our team has worked around the clock to transition with the current times while remaining true to our vision. Collaborating with such a selfless group of individuals restores all faith in humanity.

Thank you for your belief and support of River Mountain. We’re grateful for your willingness to go glamping, get outside, find adventure, and have a River Mountain experience. You will always be our “firsts” and we look forward to growing with you. You inspire us.

For River Mountain to open to guests this past year, words cannot express how grateful we are. Sincerely thank you all and cheers to adventure - Meghan