8 Ways to Romanticize Winter

8 Way to Romanticize Winter
this Valentine's Day

In movies the winter season tends to seem so magical and oh-so romantic. Why does winter in real life not always quite feel the same way? With the most lovey-dovey holiday set in the middle of winter, we know there’s got to be a way to make winter a little more like a fairy-tale, picturesque movie. Forget the gray, bland, cold parts of the season and try one of these 8 ways to make winter a bit more romantic this Valentine’s Day.

1. Go Stargazing

Take advantage of the longer nights. The sky is at its most clear in the winter, which makes it a perfect time to view stars, bright planets, and maybe a streaking meteor. The stars seem even brighter in the winter. 

2. Cozy Up by a Fire

Whether it be outdoors by a campfire or inside by a fireplace, it’s pretty tricky to not find romance while sitting in front of a glowing, crackling fire. Grab some blankets, s’mores supplies, and your special someone… and get cozy!

3. Go on a Hike

If you and your significant other are suffering the effects of a sedentary winter routine, take this opportunity to go enjoy the fresh air together. Head to the woods or a local park for a hike and you’ll both get active, whilst taking in the romantic scenery of a winter wonderland.

4. Grab a Warm Beverage

There's nothing like good conversation over a warm beverage on a chilly day. Go for a classic hot chocolate, savor your morning coffee/tea, or create a new hot beverage recipe together. Try adding a twist with some extra romantic ingredients like cinnamon, cocoa, liqueur, or marshmallows.

5. Have a Game Night

Whether it be a game night with friends or just the two of you, you’ll be surprised by how much a stack of board games or a deck of cards can bring so much fun. It makes you think, and lets you get a little competitive. If board games aren’t really your thing, try a game that brings you emotionally closer. With so many options, find a game that really operates as a conversion starter. 

6. Visit a Nearby Town

You know that one town that seems to be in the middle of two much larger places? They have that cute strip of boutique stores that you always wanted to see. Make that a winter date, and see what else that town has to offer. There's bound to be something there for both of you. If you’re near River Mountain, be sure to check out Bedford.

7. Go Wine Tasting

Head to a nearby winery and make a night out of trying local wines. You’ll be sure to try something new, learn a little something, and get to share the experience with your partner. If you’re near River Mountain, head to Bella Terra Winery in Bedford and book an outdoor igloo for your tasting.

8. Have an electronic-free evening

Put away the laptops and phones and spend time getting to know each other without Netflix. If you want to go fully electricity free for the evening, even better! Light some candles, grab some blankets, order takeout from a local restaurant, and spend some time with each other.