River Mountain’s 2022 Bucket List

River Mountain's 2022 Bucket List

We’re already a couple weeks into 2022 and have plenty of goals we’ve set for ourselves, things we’d like to accomplish, and resolutions we hope to abide by for the year. These things tend to be good for us, but aren’t always the most fun… which is why we created the 2022 Bucket List. These are all the things that we know we’d like to enjoy this year, so we thought maybe you would too!

1. Take a Hike Alone

Spending time outdoors alone can be an incredible and empowering experience. As long as you take the proper safety measures, hiking alone is a great way to soak in your surroundings. A few tips to stay safe while solo on the trail are to know your limits, pack the proper materials, and let someone know where you’re going. 

2. Explore A New Place Nearby 

Go for a weekend road trip. Don’t go so far away that you don’t have time to enjoy the area, but far enough that it’s still unfamiliar! We like to hang in Bedford, PA and Cumberland, MD if you’re looking for somewhere near River Mountain. Find your new favorite spot.

3. Look Up for a Meteor Shower

Perseids is one of our favorites. Active between July 14 and September 1, 2022, the Perseids will max out the night of August 11, 2022. Check out more meteor showers happening this year


4. Kindle your Relationships with Friends Around a Campfire

Sometimes you have to set aside time in the perfect setting to really nurture your relationships… and there's no better place than a campfire. It has to be one of the easiest places to relax and reconnect with old friends - sit back and engage with one another!

5. Try Something New

Give your best shot at a new craft, sport, outdoor activity, cooking class - whatever you want to try! If you’ve ever wanted to learn to fly fish or how to ride a horse, we’ve got you covered with our Fly Fishing and Horseback Riding weekend getaways.

6. Chill & Do YOU

This is maybe the most important part of our 2022 bucket list. Taking time for yourself can’t always be our number one priority, so it’s important to set aside a few days that are all about you. Do the things that help you relax, have fun, and do YOU. 

Put these ideas on your 2022 bucket list to make sure you spend some time doing things you truly enjoy this year. We’re here to help.