How to Build a Campfire with Paul

How to Build a Campfire

with Paul

When you're at River Mountain, there's always someone around to help build a campfire (like Paul here), but what happens when you're not with us on site and you want to sit around a campfire? We're here to help with this step-by-step tutorial with our friend Paul.

You need three things to begin building your campfire: airflow, a fuel source, and a flame. Pile two pieces of wood so there is an open space underneath for airflow. Then, place small pieces kindling on top for your fuel source. Finally, place pieces of paper underneath the kindling.

Light your fire starter on the bottom and place it as far underneath flammable materials (your kindling and paper) as you can.

You can begin adding larger pieces of kindling and more wood to your fire once the flames have stabilized a little bit.

If you begin to notice white smoke, you can blow on your campfire to make the flames larger. If you'd rather not get on your hands and knees, you can fan the fire with anything you have around - cardboard, book, paper, etc.