Lay Of the Land


Historic 1807 Log Cabin

1807 Historic Log Cabin

For meals ordered online, meal pick-up is located in the back of the old log cabin, including breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Guests can eat in the log cabin dining area or take their meals wherever they'd like.

The old log cabin has complimentary coffee and tea in the morning; and happy hour from 5-6pm daily.

If you ordered a grill kit or welcome kit, those are delivered to the refrigerator nearest to your accommodation for your convenience.

Main Lodge Lounge

Main Lodge

The Main Lodge has our front lobby and lounge area, front desk and River Mountain Store.

Restrooms and showers for guests in the Main Lodge, Main Camp Yurts, and Tents in the Trees are located in the Main Lodge.


Main Lodge Kitchenette

Kitchenette For Main Camp Guests - Sink, fridge, and freezer space. Snacks and goodies available for purchase in the kitchenette.

For Guests staying in our Main Lodge, Main Camp Yurts, and Tents in Trees - grill kits are delivered to the fridge in Main Lodge Kitchenette.


Meadow Kitchenette

Two full bathrooms, showers, sink, fridge, and picnic area for Meadow Yurt Guests. Snacks and goodies are available for purchase in the kitchenette. 

For Guests staying in Cabins and Meadow Yurts in the Meadow - grill kits are delivered to the fridge in Meadow Kitchenette.

Conference Room

Conference Room

Just off of the main lodge lobby is our conference room. This room is available for meetings and group rental, and when not being used, available for guests to use during their stay with us.


"Big Red" Barn

Table Tennis, Cornhole, Snowshoes, Games, Sitting Area, Deck Lounge Area

The Barn is available for retreats, events, and group rental, and when not being used, available for guests to use during their stay with us. 


Yoga Platforms

Our yoga platforms are located along Sweet Root Creek and our River Mountain hiking trail. Available for yoga retreats and group rentals, as well as individual guest use when not reserved by a group or retreat.

Pennsylvania Hot Springs Hot Tubs

Hot Soaking Tubs

Our Hot Soaking Tubs are located just behind the Main Lodge. Enjoy a hot soak from 7am - 10pm, daily.






How To:
Contact Us, Use a Walkie Talkie

Turn the top knob to the right.

Adjust the volume by turning the top knob right.

Hold the button on the left side down as your speak.

Let go of the button on the left side and listen for a response.

Turn the top knob left after the conversation.

How To:
Charcoal Grill

Step 1

Grab the Charcoal Chimney + Firestarter Cup near your grill kit or in your accommodation.

Step 2

Pile up charcoal to the top of the chimney.

Step 3

Place the Firestarter Cup on the center of the grill and light the Firestarter Cup.

Step 4

Place your chimney of charcoal in the middle of the grill directly on top of the lit Firestarter Cup. Watch carefully for the first few minutes to make sure the firestarter doesn't go out. After that it should be pretty obvious that the charcoal has caught fire and is starting to warm up. Cover the top of the grill if it is raining, but remember to give the smoke a way to escape as well.

Wait for 15 minutes for all of the charcoal to heat up (give or take a few minutes based on the size of your chimney and how much charcoal you are using). When the charcoal is grey, it's ready to use!

Step 5

Take the chimney up by the handle, open the grate on your grill, and pour the charcoal briquettes very slowly inside the base of the grill (too fast and you create a rush of sparks plus the chance of a spill).

Close the charcoal grill, put the lid on and wait for another 10 minutes or so. This allows the heat to build up properly, as if the coals were cooking inside the grill this whole time. When they are ready, adjust the grill as you normally would and start cooking!

How To:
Build a Campfire

Step 1

Grab all of your campfire kit items - the lighter, the firestarter, kindling (small wood pieces), and dry firewood.

Step 2

These are firestarters, we've given you a few. You'll need one to start a fire - grab one and set aside for a moment. (Don't worry - if you need more later, we have them available for purchase).


Step 3

Build a log cabin with 4 pieces of dry firewood. Stuff the log cabin with shredded paper bag and kindling (small wood pieces). Make sure you don't "overstuff" the log cabin, oxygen and air flow are essential for a fire.

Step 4

Grab your firestarter cup and place it in the center of your log cabin with the shredded paper bag and kindling. Light your firestarter cup.

Step 5

Make sure the firestarter cup continues to burn. It should then ignite the shredded paper bag, then the kindling, and then the firewood. Once your fire is burning and strong, add another piece of dry firewood. Again, don't overload your fire - fire needs oxygen and air flow!

Good to Know



10PM - 7AM


We may be able to offer a discount for an extra night.

PLEASE close all windows if it rains and upon departure!


Tree Planting

Join River Mountain and previous guests as we aim to plant 10 million trees across the state of Pennsylvania by 2025 with the Keystone Tree Partnership. Plant a tree to root yourself in Mother Nature, protect Sweet Root Creek, and give to future generations.

Welcome Toast: Mead Tasting + Making

Welcome Toast and Mead Meet and Greet – Beekeeping Days at River Mountain! Make Your Own Mead

Honeycomb Candle Making Kit

An Afternoon Making Your Own Hand-Rolled Honeycomb Candles – A True River Mountain Experience

Daily Happy Hour

River Mountain Resort – Glamping Free Happy Hour

Hike River Mountain Loop

River Mountain Resort – Stay and Hike the Loop or Pennsylvania’s Mid-State Trail

pittsburgh camp kid hiking

Hike the Mid State Trail

Running through Buchanan State Forest, and just 3/4 miles from River Mountain, is Pennsylvania’s Trail of the Year — The Mid-State Trail. The trail stretches 327 miles from Maryland to the New York border, crossing through the heart of Pennsylvania with some of the most scenic views overlooking Black Valley.

Scavenger Hunt

Have some fun and explore – our scavenger hunt is totally fun for adults and kids alike! Our scavenger hunt begins near the Main Lodge trailhead and has six secret spots to find. Each spot is identified by a wooden stake in the ground with a painted green top.

Relax + Paint

Plein Air Meets Paint by Numbers with a Relax and Paint Session! A totally peaceful afternoon, painting outside in the sounds of nature at The Terrace behind the log cabin. Perfect for groups, solo, and families. We’ll have your painting kit and a relaxing spot at The Terrace waiting for you.

Hey Honey! Hive + Honey Tasting

Experience the exquisite flavor of what’s known as “liquid gold!” Led by our Master Beekeeper, Darci, this is a complete flavor journey – learn about our bee hives and taste the unbelievable flavor of small batch honeys and unique regional profiles.



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