A Spring Retreat with Sophie Simpson

A weekend of vitality, wellness, and ‘wholing’ through exploration of asana, pranic study, and ‘noticing’ in nature.

Our 3 days together will dive into our body’s intrinsic ability to find balance. We will explore and experience ways of accessing our innate capacity for health, vitality and overall wellness. I call this process ‘wholing’.

Our time together will offer pranayama, asanas, a short lecture in the mornings, and Restorative and Yin practices in the late afternoon. Mid-day will consist of ‘informal’  time ( walks to the creek, hammock hide-a-way, communing and breathing with trees, walking meditations, etc). With the date change, Sophie is excited to include Vedic Birth Chart work for each participant; determining specific suggestions for each participant’s Vital Body, including individualized breath practices, color palates, and other tools for energy-boosting specifically designed for each person. Birth time, place, and date are needed. If this information in untenable Sophie can work without it without issue.

Saturday’s highlight will be Jake Miller, who will join us for an afternoon of chanting and story-telling from the Hindu Pantheon.

Of course, infused throughout our time will be delicious meals (which will accommodate all dietary needs),  evening bonfires and stargazing with smores and cocktails,  and fabulous sleep with accommodations that perfectly balance luxury with nature.

This is sure to be a transformative weekend, I hope you are able to join me.
In health and wellness, sophie


Apr 13 - 16 2023

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