Becoming Feral Retreat

We are domesticated from birth. There are many elements of our lives we are unable to control or choose. We don’t pick our first language. We don’t choose our first home. We don’t choose our first school. External influences, parents, teachers, schooling, religion, instill beliefs in us. As children, we accept these domestications, or rules, because we have no power over them. As we move forward through life, we encounter new beliefs, new rules, and further our domestication, mostly out of habit or fear. We hesitate to question the “rules” or challenge societal “ideals.”
Becoming Feral is about breaking the bondage of domestication. We will explore the thoughts, beliefs, and habits that no longer serve us and what we can do to free ourselves. Join us for a weekend of yoga practice, community, and fun games that will offer opportunities to release our inhibitions and remember we are free. If you are seeking to become more feral, connect with nature, and live authentically, this is the place and we are your people.


Oct 19 - 22 2023

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