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Take Ownership of Your Screen Time

Digital Wellness

Our Mission

Empower young people to create a more healthy relationship with technology.

Why We Exist

We believe in the benefits of authentic, human experiences: Talking around a campfire, interacting with others in the physical world, adventuring outside, enjoying a peaceful sunset. Moments like these shape our perspective forever.

Program Outcomes

Youth Development Communication Screen Time

Communication + Relatedness

Devices Youth Health and Wellness

Wellness + Health

Screens Focus and Attention

Focus + Mindfulness


Dr. Pete Allison Penn State University

Dr. Pete Allison

Associate Professor, Penn State University

River Mountain’s curriculum and program journey have been developed in partnership with Penn State University, under the guidance of  Dr. Pete Allison. Dr. Allison is an associate Professor at Penn State University, Director of the Kurt Hahn Consortium for Values and Experiential Learning, and a respected authority on the study of values, youth development, and experiential learning. Throughout his career, Dr. Allison has worked with internationally recognized outdoor adventure and experiential learning providers to develop programs that have a life long impact on individuals.

Penn State College of Health and Human Development
Dr. Michael Rich the Mediatrician

Dr. Michael Rich

The Mediatrician, Center for Media and Child Health

Curriculum is supported by the research and recommendations of Dr. Michael Rich and the Center on Media and Child Health at Boston Children’s Hospital.

center on media and child health logo

Experiential Learning

Adventure and outdoor experiences push guests out of their comfort zone and increase their willingness to learn.

Experiential Education Digital Wellness

Retreat Types

One Week, Sunday to Saturday

Summer 2020 Camps

Weekends, During the School Year

Fall 2020 Camps

Field Trips + Overnight Stays

Schools & Groups

Typical Day

7:30AM Rise & Shine

Wake up to the sun through the panoramic windows of your cabin -- surrounded by new friends and your guide.

8AM Breakfast

Start the day with a hearty breakfast, friends, and learning more about your next adventure.

9:15AM Warrior Ridge Summit

Pack your backpack, grab your map, and don’t forget your compass. The hike to Summit Warrior Ridge is a right of passage at River Mountain.

11:00AM Free Choice Chill

Relax by the creek, play barn basketball, hang with friends … It’s your call.

NOON Lunch

It's been an active day, and we've worked up a healthy appetite. Let's eat!

1PM Free Choice Adventure

Choose from a number of fun-packed, guided adventures -- creek snorkeling, rock climbing, hiking, caving, canoeing. It’s up to you!

4PM Forest Bathing

What? Yes, forest bathing. Spend time in the woods with your guide listening, observing, and taking in your surroundings. Jot it all down in your River Mountain guide book.

6PM Dinner

Let’s share! Stories from the day, over a family style dinner.

7PM Adventure Awards

River Mountain staff and guests take time to recognize group and individual accomplishments of the day.

8PM Night Hike & Bonfire Gathering

Grab your flashlights, we’re taking the long way to the bonfire.

8:30PM Bonfire & Storytelling

Gourmet s’mores, fun stories from the day, and group discussion.

10PM Journal Session & Lights Out

What a day! See you in the morning!


Self-determined goals from the retreat are supported at home through River Mountain’s 21-Day Guide Book. Guests begin using their Guide Books on site to make the transition to home use seamless. The journal-style books are designed to help young people maintain the positive habits that contribute to improved focus and attention, communication, and health and well-being

Back at Home

River Mountain programs are designed to help guests with healthy tech goals for home, school, and play. Goals are accomplished through self-determined daily habits, leading to a more balanced relationship with technology and the natural world.

Teenager Girls Boys Screen Time Digital Citizenship Program
Screen Time Kids Teens Families Parenting Digital Wellness Citizenship

Screen Time Resources

For Parents & Families

Screen time has become one of the most important discussion topics for families. We hope you download and share our Digital Landscape Facts with friends, parents, and caregivers in your community.

The Center on Media and Child Health at Boston Children’s Hospital has created downloadable tip sheets to help parents better understand the impact media can have on children.

For Schools

What happens on screens at home has an impact at school. Our nation's great teachers and school staff are dealing with screen issues daily. To help support schools and open the dialogue with parents, we've put together some top-level screen time facts for teachers to pass along to parents.

River Mountain is committed to following the guidelines and recommendations from the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and sharing that with families.

To receive Screen Time Facts for the Family brochures for your medical office, please email

River Mountain programs are supported by the research and data from the Center on Media and Child Health at Boston Children’s Hospital. For additional resources, research, and screen time data, please visit their website.

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