Deep Rooted Co. Foraged and Floral Workshops

Deep Rooted Co. is lead by Haley of Bedford, PA who specializes in stunning organic floral and plant arrangements. Her workshops are a fun, modern, and natural way to get creative with your friends and leave with a gorgeous masterpiece made by you -- with some help by Haley. Our barn at River Mountain is the perfect spot for your workshop, with past guests giving Haley a 5-star seal of approval. Please let us know if we can arrange a foraged and floral workshop during your stay with us.

Deep Rooted offers the following workshops and is open to any other ideas you may have:

Wreath Workshops

Holiday Wreath Building / Locally Foraged Wreath - Guests will not only leave with a finished wreath but will also learn the concepts of floral pairing, floral manipulation and shaping as well as floral tape and wire basics.

Floral Arranging

Build Your Own Bouquet / Build Your Own Locally Foraged Bouquet - Guests will learn the basics of floral design techniques.

Floral Arrangements + Acrylic Painting of Arrangements

++ This event would include co-artist and would be a set class of 3 hours. ++

Build Your Own Terrarium

All supplies provided in a succulent or small houseplant terrarium building workshop. A terrarium is a small garden encapsulated inside a container, usually glass.

Mounted Staghorn Ferns

Guests will learn how to mount a staghorn fern (or seasonal plant ) to a piece of wood using wire and hardware. Can be secured/ adorned with burlap or moss.

DIY Smudge Stick

Smudge sticks are bundles of herbs and foraged materials. Guests will take home a finished smudge stick. Smudges can be used as decoration or can be burned in order to prevent illness, ward off negative energy, or cleanse a space, person or group. Smudging is a tradition that goes back thousands of years.

Floral Crown Building

Learn how to work with live flowers while making a flower crown. Crowns fit every queen from elaborate or simple.

Indigo + Shibori Dying

This beautiful blue dye pairs well with a Japanese tie-dye technique used to create geometric or abstract repeating patterns. This is a 101 dying technique class.

Kokedama Building

In Japanese, “kokedama” translates from “koke” meaning “moss” and “dama” meaning “ball.” In this workshop you will learn how to grow a plant organically in a beautiful moss ball planter. Kokedama can be kept in a dish or hung in a window.

Check out Haley and Deep Rooted Co's creations on Instagram here.